We took a trip to our local shop – The Co-Op. 0-2s and 3-5s children from Woolston went to the shop with the practitioners to purchase 4 pumpkins ready to carve for Halloween. Each age group has their own pumpkin ready to decorate. We have really enjoyed carving our pumpkins for Halloween and have put them in our reception with our Halloween display. Each age group has all contributed to their pumpkin and had lots of fun scraping the inside out and drawing a pattern to be carved. We really enjoyed the smell of the pumpkin and exploring the different textures. To continue from our pumpkin carving we have used another pumpkin to create pumpkin soup. We used pumpkin, potatoes, onions and chopped them into small pieces before heating them on the hob and blending together. We have this ready to enjoy with some warm crusty bread for our tea. On Halloween we are all dressing up in our Halloween costumes even the practitioners. Lots of fun! We have increased our knowledge and understanding on our local area, people and the world around us, developed our senses, exploratory skills and fine motor skills.