At Wind in the Willows Childcare we cater for all dietary requirements and/ or food allergies your child may have.

Meal times are an important part of a child’s day in nursery so it is important that children sit down together and experience eating together as a social activity. We encourage all our children to participate in ‘self serve’ during all meal/snack times.

During a morning session your child will be provided with breakfast up until 8.30am, a mid-morning healthy snack and then a home-cooked lunch around 11.30am.

During an afternoon session your child will be provided with an afternoon snack and a light tea.

At Wind in the Willows Childcare we participate in the Healthier Together Award in our Warrington settings. All our settings are supplied with safety knives, chopping boards and aprons, so the children can select and prepare their own snacks each day. This helps to support and enhance children’s self help and fine motor skills.

Throughout the day all children have access to fresh drinking water. During snack times children are given the option of fresh milk or water and diluted fruit juice is available with lunch.

To view our 4 weekly menus click here  to download the sample menu
2018 Menu

Below Children are ‘self-serving’ their own meals. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) states:

  • Physical Development: Moving and Handling (22-36months) Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools.
  • Physical Development: Health and Self Care (40-60months) Shows some understanding that good practices with regard to exercise, eating, sleeping and hygiene can contribute to good health.
  • Communication and Language (8-20months) Understanding of single words in context is developing (e.g. cup, milk, spoon).
  • Communication and Language: Understanding (16-26months) Understanding simple sentences (e.g. Pick up the jug).

Wind in the Willows Childcare Ltd promotes this.