We haven’t let the cold weather and wind bother us at Woolston. We ventured on a trip to the local park during the October Holidays. All the nursery attended the park, we walked sensibly together talking about road safety, the views we could see and collected some Autumn items for our Autumn jars at nursery. Some of the children were even able to predict what we would see next on our walk as they are familiar and had remembered the route we take. Once we arrived at the park the children helped to hold the gate open whilst the prams came through helping each other before being able to close the gate carefully with the practitioners helping. We then got to explore the park… the swings , slide, round about, balance bar and plenty more. Oh what great fun we had, some of us wanted to stay all day. When we arrived back at nursery for our lunch most of us were very tired and definitely ready for a little snooze before a busy afternoon. On our walk and visit to the park we learnt lots about our local area, environment and people in our community. It developed our physical skills, knowledge and understanding and our thinking and prediction skills.