Nursery graduations create lovely memories for parents and grandparents and they are a great way of marking children’s transition from nursery school to primary school. This year with Covid-19 in full effect we have had to scale back our usual festivities but we still tried to make it as special as possible for all of our families.

Our nursery graduation ceremony included a small presentation, followed by the children collecting their certificates. There was no little party for children and their families afterwards due to Covi-19,however,  each child received a special graduation cupcake . The day was both fun and memorable for children and their families.

Dressing up in mini graduation gowns and mini mortarboards, listening to Vicky and the team praising them, and collecting their ‘diploma’ in front of their family was a rewarding experience for children which can really help improve their self-confidence.

Celebrating children’s achievements at nursery is excellent for their self-esteem but it also teaches them about transitions and completing different milestones in life. Leaving nursery and moving onto ‘big’ school is a significant milestone for each of our children.

Nursery graduation ceremonies teach children about change as they move onto a new chapter of their life. It also teaches them that change can be a positive experience, which is really important.

Children change, grow and develop so much during these early years, so the ceremony was a great way of celebrating this. Our nursery graduation marks an important transition period in their lives. It’s a chance to reflect on their wonderful journey so far!

We will miss you all so much and wish you well in your next adventure!

Love Vicky and the Team