Feed the Hungry Shape Monsters


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Communication and Language – Understanding 

Physical development – Moving and Handling

Mathematics – Numbers, Space, Shape and Measure


You and your child can make this funny feed the hungry shape monsters sorting game at home using pieces of old cardboard, some paint and googly eyes! (Amazon, Asda or Hobby Craft for the Googly Eyes)

You and your child can name the shapes as you are playing.

Simply paint the cardboard in as many colours as you like, using one per 2D shape that you wish to create. You could also make them all one colour, or black and white even, for an extra challenge!

Start with just 4 basic 2D shapes; circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

Once the paint is dry cut those shapes out and make them different sizes, and cut the triangles in a variety of forms so that they aren’t all identical.

Mix up all of the shape cards and put them in a little tray, then set out the hungry

shape monsters ready to sort through and feed them all!

They will all look so comical sitting in a row waiting with their mouths wide open

This shape sorting game will naturally lead play to making up stories for each of the monsters and maybe even giving them names and why they were wanting to eat their shapes.

Naming the 2D shapes will become part of the play, continue your child’s learning by exploring words like “corners” and “sides”

For an extra challenge and the next step on you could add in more unusual shapes such as hexagon, heptagon, octagon and even more!

If you have found this an exciting project to complete with your child/ren please let us know by taking photographs of you having a go and upload them onto your EY Log App. Don’t forget to let us know how much fun it was too ! including the cutting out and painting of the ‘Shape Monsters’.