Pizza Making at Sefton

The children at Sefton made their own pizzas for tea. We had a range of ingredients from pizza bases, base sauce, pepperoni, ham, cheese and they used the safe chef knives and the tongues to chop and select their own toppings. We talked about colour, taste and patterns helping develop our creative a

Tea Time at Woolston

At Woolston on a Thursday afternoon we take it in turns for each age group to help prepare and cook our tea for all the children at the setting. Each age group picks their meal they wish to cook from homemade burgers to homemade chicken risotto, homemade soups and calzone. The children look at the [

Baking at Woolston

At Woolston we have been enjoying baking gingerbread people. We all helped to get the ingredients before weighing them out together, this meant we had to use our maths skills and do lots of numbers and counting. We used our physical and fine motor skills to pour and select the ingredients and we had

Diwali at Longbarn

Longbarn’s Diwali celebrations we made Diva Lamps from clay and painted our finished pots , placed a candle in them and took them home, we also created firework Diwali pictures using straws and paint and made large Rangoli patterns with chalks and used our fingertips as paintbrushes and coloured i