Jubilee Stay and Play

The Wind in the Willows team were so happy to be able to invite all of our parents to our Jubilee Stay and Play Session. We had the most amazing afternoon.  The Activities we made available were: Red, white and blue ice cube painting A union jack sensory rice tuff tray Cling film painting in [&

Maths Champion

  NDNA Maths Champions is a programme which¬†supports children and staff by embedding maths into play and activities. This is led by our Maths Champion; its aim is to build confidence in maths among children and practitioners.   This innovative online training provided by the NDNA, support

We are Hiring

We are currently looking to recruit a Level 3 Practitioner or a Level 3 Early Years Educator. You MUST have a relevant Level 3 childcare qualification to apply for this post! Wind in the Willows Childcare Ltd Woolston is based in Warrington WA1 3UJ. We are an inclusive, rewarding and challenging se

Charity Begins at Home

Thankyou so much to everyone who has donated to The Local Food Bank collection & raffle! The raffle has been drawn and the winners will all be contacted if your child is not in nursery today We are overwhelmed with the generosity of our parents & staff. Thankyou all so much. We will be helpi

Culture Capital

This is how we build confident, resilient knowledgeable learners. Ofsted say: Culture Capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. As part of making the judgement the inspector will consider how well leaders use the curriculum to enhance the experie